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Acoustic Justin Bieber Is A Win – “Believe Acoustic” Review!

justin bieber believe acoustic review Acoustic Justin Bieber Is A Win   “Believe Acoustic” Review!

Justin Bieber’s album “Believe Acoustic” receives great reviews.

Below is a review done by an Amazon customer who gave the Biebs 5 out of 5 stars.

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Acoustic Justin Bieber Is A Win

Although I wouldn’t consider myself a hardcore “Belieber“, I really loved this album for the most part.

The simplicity of the songs really won me over and I know these aren’t songs that are going to be overplayed on the radio.

Overall, it’s a more laid-back vibe with Justin successfully showing off his new voice.

Notable favorites: Boyfriend, I Would, Nothing Like Us.

Boyfriend (5/5) – The original version of this song was already both unique and catchy, but this acoustic version brings a bluesy vibe that I really enjoy. I liked the acoustic version even more than the original.

As Long as You Love Me (5/5) – Similar to the original, but made better by the fact that Bieber does his own rapping in this version.

Justin Bieber “As Long As You Love Me” (Acoustic)

Beauty and a Beat (4/5) – Perhaps I just like his acoustic versions better, but the acoustic version of this song made it more laid back, and without Nicki Minaj’s part, I’m more inclined to listen to it on repeat.

She Don’t Like the Lights (3/5) – I didn’t particularly like the original version of this song, and the acoustic version didn’t sway me much in the other direction

Take You ( 3/5) – Also not extremely notable for me.

Be Alright (4/5) – Although this doesn’t differ much from the original version, I really liked the piano background.

All Around the world (4/5) – There’s something about the acoustic that makes this song seem a lot more personal.

Fall (Live) (4/5) – I liked the original, so I still liked the acoustic version, even though there isn’t much difference between two versions.

Yellow Raincoat (3/5) – One of the new songs on the album. Didn’t stand out much for me.

I Would (5/5) – Another new song on the album. Although this song wasn’t really acoustic, it’s probably my favorite song on the album. It’s an upbeat song similar to Die in Your Arms.

Nothing Like Us (5/5) – The third new song of the album and another one of my favorites. The piano background and depth in Justin’s voice really makes this song stand out. It’s a slower song where the lyrics really shine.

Justin Bieber “Nothing Like Us” (Acoustic)

What’s your favorite song from “Believe Acoustic”?

Let us know in the comments below!

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