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Justin Bieber Did Not Touch Belieber’s Breast

justin bieber did not grab beliebers breast Justin Bieber Did Not Touch Beliebers Breast

On Tuesday, an image of Justin Bieber kissing the fan on the cheek and appearing to touch her breast went viral on Twitter.

A rep for Justin Bieber told EOnline.com, “It’s ridiculous. That definitely did not happen.”

The teenager, named Jocelyn, wrote on Twitter:

“NO I did NOT ask Justin to touch my boobs… He kissed me on the cheek in the picture & it looks like his hand is there.”

Earlier she had written:

“IM DYING HAHAHAHHAHA IT LOOKS LIKE JUSTIN’S TOUCHING MY BOOB IN THE PICTURE AHAHAHAHHA,” and “People can think what they want but I know what really happened & Justin does too so everyone else’s opinions don’t matter to me.”

via: starpulse photo: bieberfever

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  • Raven Bucher

    So it definitely did NOT happen ? ….funny, because I’m pretty sure this photo is 100% real. It looks JUST like he’s grabbing her tit… and the fabric is all bunched up around his hand, so it’s not like it could just be HOVERING over it. JB, next time, just for safe measures… Keep your hands on the shoulders, or in your pockets, or something.

  • Samira Sadiq

    It definitely looks like he touched her boob but, if he did I’m sure he it was a accident.

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